Emily Goldhammer


Black Underwear Project

It's not about nudity or sex. It's about showing how strong, capable, beautiful, and brave we are at our core. No matter how the skin stretches across our bodies, or how narrow or wide our hips curve...it's about connecting to thousands of years of those who came before us...who had the same bones, the same spirit, and the same strength.
It's about celebrating who we are, right now. Now! Not after we've lost 10 pounds or had our hair done, or after we've applied all the make up or toned our muscles. It's time to honor ourselves and each other! Every shape, size, and age. We are all connected in the bends and curves of our bodies, and we tell our stories through every stretch mark, freckle and scar.
We are beautiful, strong and brave. And we are more than just our skin and bones, more than just our looks. We are women.

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