Emily Goldhammer


Black Underwear Project


The Inspiration

Why are you doing this?: Because I want my daughter to grow up in a world where there are as many beautiful TRUE images of women, as there are photoshopped. Because I want to create and inspire women, from every generation and walk of life to embrace the body they're in. To see the beauty in the span of her hips, the scars on her skin, and necessity of her breasts. Because, instead of sexual objects, or flawed versions of the women we see in magazines, I want to celebrate the bodies we're in, and see the value of ourselves, as ourselves.

What's with the Black Underwear?: I'm using black underwear as a visual representation of the common thread that weaves women together. Every woman, from the beginning of time has had hips, breasts, stretch marks, and thighs. Freckles and birthmarks. skin stretch on bones, stretched on muscles, creating specific features, flat noses, long noses, full lips, thin lips. But...at the core of us, we're woven with the same material. And (usually), we've all got a pair of black underwear.

How do you choose the subjects?: Actually, I don't. If you want to be involved, I say yes. I don't care about age, weight, or shape. I don't care if you are flat chested, straight hipped, curvy or voluptuous. I don't care how you became a woman, whether in your mother's womb, or through your own personal journey. If you are a woman, you are accepted, welcomed and beautiful.

What's the plan?: My goal is to shoot 100 women. It's a journey of self discovery as much as it is meant to be an inspiration, and my final session will hopefully be myself. I wish I could say I've already leapt through that hoop, been brave, faced my fears, and posed...but honestly I am as nervous and scared as you are...I don't know if I want every curve and freckle documented, but my hope for this project is that by seeing, capturing, and admiring every one of your curves, that by the end I will love my own self that much more. 

The Technical

When and Where: I generally shoot in my home studio...but as I've been generating a lot of interest from women NOT in Boston, I'm also willing to travel. I prefer the shoot to be in a home environment, whether mine, yours, or an Airbnb, the goal is for you to be as comfortable as possible.

How: I shoot with my own equipment, no artificial light, and by myself. I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable so it's just the two of us in the room, unless you'd like to bring friends, your mom, your grandma, etc. As long as it's a woman, and you're comfortable with them, they're welcome! I prefer to keep it women only, not because I don't like men, but because it changes the atmosphere (sorry guys!). The post-process is nothing more than using Adobe Lightroom to touch up the background, adjust exposure, crop, and tones. Nothing more. I'm not photoshopping out blemishes, moles, wrinkles or stray hairs. everything you see is 100% natural.

How much: I've had a lot of ladies asking me how much it costs to be in the project. That's exactly $0.00. I don't want to charge to be involved in this project. Absolutely ANYONE can join in. All I ask is that you post, talk, and write about the project to help spread the word! If I'm traveling, I'd love to have a warm place to stay and charge my batteries, and appreciate any help with travel costs, but it's not required! I'll do everything in my power to get there, this is my passion!

Where will the images be used: As of now, on my website and social medias. The only place that completely NSFW images will be used is on my website and but all other sites (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) will only have edited images to comply with their rules (aka no nips). In the future, I plan to create a coffee table style book, including quotes from you and the other women in the project.

Do I get any of the pictures?: YES! I will send you proofs, and you get to choose one of your favorites to keep! After that I'm selling any additional images you'd like for $10 per photo, or 5 for $45. This is to help fund the project, (and pay for babysitters while I work) as well as give you a chance to keep some of your favorites!

What do I need to bring/wear?: All you need is your favorite pair of black underwear. Otherwise, all I ask that you wear minimal, natural makeup and leave your hair down, and be yourself!


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